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Coatesville, Indiana

Servicing Heritage Lake, Raccoon Lake, Cataract Lake, and Sweetwater Lake Areas.



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Hende Detailing, LLC. Service Agreement

TERMS OF THE AGREEMENT: There is no term to this agreement. Boat owner (hereafter known as client/boat owner) may cancel at any time for any reason. We ask for a minimum of 48 hours notice. Hende Detailing, LLC (hereafter known as Hende Detailing, LLC or “we”) may also cancel at any time for any reason with 48-hour notice.


TERMS OF SERVICE: Below are our basic terms of service. All services provided are under our basic terms of service. We reserve the right to alter or modify these terms at any time in which you will be given the revised Agreement and your continued use of our service implies agreement with these terms. Hende Detailing, LLC agrees to provide cleaning and detailing services to you as per your request. The charges for our service is for the agreed dollar amount for the cleaning services. The charge is for the amount of work hours reserved for you for this job and not for any specific outcome. In the event that our detailing team members complete the job in less time than the maximum reserved, which may sometimes be possible, the charge will remain the same and will not be adjusted (since this time block has been reserved for your job). Please note that for an average size boat under 30 feet a typical initial detailing or a waxing may take in excess of 8 work hours. Our team members will do the best possible job they can in the time they have available. Since the condition of each boat will vary, it is possible that we may not be able to complete the job in the time available. By using our service you agree to the terms of this agreement and agree to pay the total due to us. All agreements are contingent upon strikes, accidents or delays beyond our control. Any changes to rate and/or time, be it verbal or in writing will not affect the substance of this agreement and all the terms herein will still apply with the new rate/time.


TRAINING AND SUPERVISION: The owner(s) of Hende Detailing, LLC actually work on your boat. They are highly trained, experienced and skilled in boat and vehicle detailing. 


PREPARING FOR YOUR DETAILING: Prior to the detailing team’s arrival, please remove all items that may delay our detailing service. Storage areas that have a large amount of paperwork for instance will not be detailed. We would appreciate if items were picked up off the boat deck and the boat was organized before we arrive. This will maximize efficiency and minimize the time we spend to detail your boat. If you prefer that our detailing team remove these items, we will add the additional billing time and charge you accordingly. Also please secure cash, jewelry and other small valuables. If for some reason you do not want a particular area of your boat to be detailed, please just leave a note and secure the hatch to that area of the boat. For safety reasons, we prefer that no one be in the boat while our detailers are present.


WHAT WE WON’T DO: If we are specifically requested to clean inside of a storage compartment or boat interior, client agrees to not hold Hende Detailing, LLC or any of its employees responsible for damage to any article or component. Hende Detailing, LLC is not responsible for damage due to faulty and/or improper installation of any item, nor rusting or corrosion of related equipment. Examples would be: broken or improperly installed wiring, broken or frayed dock lines, etc. All surfaces are assumed sealed and ready to detail without causing harm. If you have other items you prefer we not clean or handle, please call or email us and we will arrange to avoid those items. The detailing members will only reach the areas on your boat that are humanly possible. If we cannot reach it, then it will not be cleaned. The detailing team will not pull out any appliances (for example a stove, fridge) for you due to the possibility of causing floor damage (unless you hold us blameless for any damage), however if you have these appliances moved out yourself we would be more than happy to clean behind them. The detailing team is also not responsible for mooring, dock lines, or the security of your boat to the dock or to the boat trailer.


ACCIDENTS/DAMAGE: Because of the nature of our business, our staff is required to touch, step on, kneel on, or lean against virtually everything on and in your boat. We are as careful as possible; however, if something does get damaged while detailing your boat, our staff is instructed to call the client at once and to leave a note advising you of the incident. We are NOT responsible for your old, rotted, rusty, broken (or on the verge of broken), loose decking, loose blower vents,  waterlogged decking ribs,  corrosion build-up, loose or hanging wires, fishing equipment (old or new), bent transom, bent or broken props, anything engine related (including the engine compartment), cracked or broken or scratched windshields or hull or deck, or any other items of this nature. Boats age with time, use, and weather. Hende Detailing, LLC is not responsible for the normal aging of your boat, or the replacement of any part due to aging. As an example: If we step into your boat and fall through the deck, it's not our fault. If we are cleaning your rub rail and it comes off, it's not our fault. We cannot list all possible scenarios for something going wrong, so to put it in simple terms, we are not responsible for your already broken stuff.


SCHEDULING & CANCELATION POLICY: Hende Detailing, LLC requires at least 48 hours notice if there is a change in the scheduling day or time. If our detailers arrive during the requested detailing day and time and they are turned away for ANY reason, or can not gain entrance for ANY reason, the boat/vehicle owner would still be liable to pay the agreed upon detailing fee. Hende Detailing, LLC Agreement with their detailers specifies they will still be paid in full for that scheduled detailing regardless if they cannot gain entrance. Future scheduled detailing will remain unchanged unless you give us the change in writing via email.


ARRIVAL & DEPARTURE TIME: Hende Detailing, LLC prefers a window of a minimum of 8 hours to detail your boat and ensure it is properly cleaned. With this said, Hende Detailing, LLC reserves the right to stay an extra (2) hours after the proposed finish time to detail for ANY reason.


WEATHER: In severe weather, we may determine it is not safe to travel and/or carry equipment and supplies to your boat; therefore your detailing service for that day will be cancelled and Hende Detailing, LLC will not be held liable in anyway. If and when this occurs, we will reschedule in writing via email or phone call.


EXTRA REQUESTS: Please email us at least (2) two days before your scheduled detailing if you have special requests so we can schedule the extra time needed to complete these tasks. We can provide an over the phone estimate; however, we reserve the right to adjust the quote once we have arrived at the boat. Any alterations or changes from our “standard” detailing checklist involving extra work will be at an extra charge. Any “last minute/emergency” visits are also an extra charge. Any extra charges must be approved in writing via email, text or phone call between you and Hende Detailing, LLC before any extra work begins.


PAYMENT POLICY: Payment is due in full upon completion of the job. A 50% deposit is required on all jobs exceeding $1,000. A fee of $30.00 will be charged for each NSF check returned by the bank. In the event an account requires legal or collection action, client/boat owner agrees to pay all cost of collection without limitations for reasonable attorney fees, interest on past due amount, court costs, and all collection costs. Moreover, Hende Detailing, LLC reserves the right to place a lien and or a judgment upon your boat for a delinquent payment and you the boat owner agrees to pay all legal fees and time spent for remedy. Please do not leave any payments on the boat unless first obtaining a verbal agreement to receive payment in that manner. 


BOOKING DEPOSIT: We reserve the right to request a $50 booking deposit that will be credited towards your final bill. 


LATE FEE: Overdue payments are subject to a late fee of $25.00 for accounts overdue by 30 days. In addition, interest will be charged at the rate of twelve percent (12%) per annum on all overdue amounts accruing monthly.


Note: There is a $300 Minimum  for mobile detailing, unless otherwise agreed upon. This does not include travel fee.



Or 765-318-8118 (call or text) if there is an emergency, please indicate on voice mail. Phone call is the preferred method.


PROVIDING FEEDBACK: Since boat detailing is a very personalized service we are always asking for detailing feedback. Please send an email or use our contact form on the website and let us know if there are ANY concerns or positive comments -- good or bad. This feedback is essential to serve you better, to correct any problems and to pass on these comments to our detailers.


REFERRALS: Clients will receive a $25 discount on their next detailing service for referring each new client to Hende Detailing, LLC. This discount becomes effective after the referred client’s first cleaning and subsequent payment. Please email us the new clients name and address and we will ensure this credit reflects on your future invoice.


EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES: We provide our own detailing supplies and equipment including buffers, vacuums, mops, brushes, pressure washer, extractor, and detailing products. Should you choose to supply specific products for our employees to use then you agree to take responsibility for the outcome. Customer is required to provide power, running water and a hose bib connection.

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